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 Guide to Buy Wedding Guest Dresses

The most important factor when choosing wedding guest dresses is not to upstage the bride. It can be tempting to buy that traffic stopping outfit, but would you really want to steal the attention from the bride? There's nothing stopping you from buying that hot number, but maybe keep it for another occasion. Wedding guest dresses should be pretty and flattering but should not steal the show.

In the same vein, try to avoid wearing the same colour as the bride. Many brides wear cream or white, but you can never be sure. Do a little discreet fact finding before the big day, that way you won't arrive in pink only to find the bride arriving in the same shade. It's also worth checking what colour the bridesmaids will be wearing so that you don't get mistaken for one.

If the bride is wearing white, then you can take your pick of wedding guest dresses. You might like to choose a really bright colour to contrast with the bride. Or you might go for something pastel to complement what she's wearing. The most important thing is to choose a colour that you love and which suits you.

In terms of style, pretty much anything goes these days, but this will largely depend on the type of wedding you've been invited to. At a more traditional wedding where the men are expected to wear morning suits, then wedding guest dresses might tend towards the formal. This can be a good opportunity to invest in an occasion dress and a hat. It can be tempting to go for something long, but you may want to avoid a floor length ensemble as it will make dancing more difficult later in the evening. In addition, your long frock could end up being a similar style to the bride's dress.

Cold weather can have an impact on what you decide to wear. You don't need to go for anything thick and ungainly; you just need to think layers. That means you can still wear that strappy silk dress you have your heart set on, just cover up in an elegant jacket or shrug. Once the dancing starts and things warm up, you can shed your layers.

Whatever you choose, make sure that you're comfortable in it because you'll be wearing it all day and on into the night. Remember to check that you can sit down in your new outfit properly, because you'll be sitting for long periods of time. And finally, don't forget to have a wonderful day!

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